If your firm does not yet have a CRM system, then a significant amount of valuable information is not being organized for optimum use, nor do the professionals who need the data have access to it.

If you do have a CRM database - but it is overly complex, requires extensive training and outside resources for ongoing support, then the firm’s collective knowledge and experience is going to waste.

A Compelling ROI and 100% Participation

ContactEase for Outlook offers a simple and seamless way to get users to update, access and utilize your CRM system. And the best part is they do it from their existing Outlook Contacts — automatically and effortlessly!

Busy professionals may not take the time to attend training sessions, but most use Outlook daily. ContactEase integrates and synchronizes seamlessly with Outlook so all Outlook users will contribute to and access the firm’s CRM database from their desktops, allowing them to quickly become proficient and self sufficient.

ContactEase is simple and powerful — you pay for the solutions you need, and not for unnecessary features that are rarely used.


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Date: 08/18/2019 - 08/22/2019

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