Freshdesk Email Support

It's important for our clients to have easy access to support when they need it. This is why we offer a number of options for contacting us. Use the buttons above to log-in to your Freshdesk account or email Support.

If you don't have Freshdesk, consider signing up for an account. You can do so by clicking the button above. It takes just a few minutes and offers a number of benefits. With a Freshdesk account, you can submit and track support tickets, collaborate with other ContactEase users and our in-house team of experts, and be first in line for product announcements and updates. 

Call: (800) 447-1712 ext. 3

Online Help: From within ContactEase, go to Help > Contents or use F1. Once in the Online Help system, you can bookmark it for future access. 

Product Information: The current version of ContactEase is 9.42. To confirm your current version, go to Help > About ContactEase… If you are not on the current version and would like to upgrade, please contact a member of our Support team.

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